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A traditional Indian dish is made of a mixture of lentils and rice and popular across the world. A new Hindi film, Hyderabadi Bakra has been released with a cinematic trailer and has garnered great appreciation from the audience. The movie is based on one family’s journey from the deserts of India to America. The movie will show how they try to make it as a successful businessmen by giving you an insight into their struggles as refugees, their culture clashes with others in America, their struggles leading up to success, and finally leading them back home where they can cook more traditional dishes with peace in mind. The film will be showing the feeling of being discriminated for being an Indian in America. It also mentions how they are treated better in USA but are not treated equally even there. The film is written by Jitin Gulati and directed by Kevin Velmer, who is the son of Christa Velmer, who has worked on multiple music videos and short films including The Big Ball. The entire filming process was done in a span of two years and the producer is Gulu Ezekiel and Prateek Bhargava. The movie is shot in the desert of India, California, and also in the famous local area of Fremont in San Francisco. The film stars Manish Dayal, Tanuj Chopra, Rajeshwari Sachdeva, Karen David, Steve Guttenberg, Juile Brown and many others. The actors have tried their best to give life to their characters with enthusiasm. According to reports from the trailer, Dayal plays the character of a man named Hari who travels from India to United States in search of a successful business venture. The movie will show his struggles as he tries to make it big by trying hard to get an American citizenship. The movie will also show families of other immigrants trying to adjust to their new life in USA. The movie begins with the time when Hari is studying for his Visa, and then moves on to the time when he is ready to start his own business. Despite having many troubles, he finally manages to work hard and succeeds in the end. The film will also show how others react to him, as he moves towards starting his own food business. The entire trailer is dedicated towards showing the struggles of everyday people who look for a better future by leaving their home country behind. The movie has been directed by Kevin Velmer and the music has been composed by Nathan Wang. The technical teams have done a remarkable job as the film will be out soon in theatres. The film was premiered at Palm Springs International Film Festival in January 2016 where it won the Audience Choice Award. The film has also previously won Best Narrative Feature Film at Windy City Film Festival, Chicago, IL, USA.

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